Amy (1998)
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The methods used to collect information for this research and the online presence of Amy:

The initial research was obtained through viewing and analysing the rented film 'Amy', including its video case cover and its credits. The supplementary data needed for this research was collected predominantly via the internet using the World Wide Web which proved to be a valuable and efficient source of data. Links from the Australian Cinema website, particularly 'The Internet Movie Database' and search engines 'Anzwers' and 'Yahoo' were the starting points for finding information on 'Amy'. These sites led to links enabling broader navigation of various film related sites that were useful or interesting. Additionally, printed publications such as Australian National Cinema by Tom O'Regan, the H231 Australian Cinema Unit Reader, resources from the Murdoch University Library and from the unit co-ordinator /lecturer/tutor Garry Gillard, whom contributed in providing support in locating supplementary reference material.

As the film was a more recent production and, promoted during a decade characterised by a preoccupation with computer technology, 'Amy' enjoys quite a substantial online presence in the web literature. 'Amy' has two official sites, and a third existed at some stage but the link is now broken. Its production companies are both online and numerous reviews and several articles and interviews exist including mentions of the awards the film has received. Most of its online presence originates in Australia yet surprisingly the Ausfilm site has no Amy review archived at present. The majority of overseas sites contain some Amy material including numerous non-English speaking sites featuring 'Amy' There is a reduced coverage in the USA as there is less interest in foreign and arthouse work especially due to the overshadowing by publicity for mainstream Hollywood movies. However, the majority of websites do not archive more than a month back and so sites that would have contained 'Amy' with a review, a mention or a screening listing are now lost. Sites such as 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'Entertainment Weekly' normally feature Australian films to some extent.

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