Amy (1998)
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A list of principal cast and crew, release dates and box office details.

Title: 'Amy'

Genre: Drama/comedy

Principle Cast:

Alana de Roma: Amy Enker
Rachel Griffiths: Tanya Enker
Ben Mendelsohn: Robert Buchanan
Nick Barker: Will Enker
Frank Gallecher: Dr Urquhart
Kerry Armstrong: Sarah Trendle
Torquil Neilson: Luke Lassiter
Susie Porter: Anny Buchanan
Malcolm Kenard: Brian Crosgrove
Jan Friedl: Susan Hammett
Jeremy Trigatti: Zac Trendle
Mary Ward: Mrs Mullins

Principle Credits

Director: Nadia Tass

Producers: Nadia Tass and David Parker

Co-Producer: Phil Jones

Script: David Parker

Cinematographer: David Parker

Editor: Bill Murphy

Music/Composer: Phillip Judd

Original Songs: Nick Barker

Production Companies:

Cascade Films
Film Victoria


Roadshow Film Distributors
Argentina Video Home (AVH)
CTV International (France)
Primer Plano Film Group (Argentina, video)
World Wide Motion Pictures (USA).

RUNNING TIME: 104 minutes

Year of Production: 1998

Country: Australia

Language: English

Colour: Colour

Sound Mix: Dolby

Classification: Argentina:13 / Australia:M / France:U / Singapore:PG / USA:PG-13

Release Dates:

Australia: 27 August 1998

Argentina: 15 November 1998 (Mar del Plata Film Festival)

South Korea: 2 January 1999

Singapore: 20 May 1999

Iceland: 19 October 1999 (video premiere)

Japan: 27 November 1999

France: 5 April 2000

USA: September 2000 (Boston Film Festival)

Argentina: 9 November 2000

Malaysia: 9 November 2000

USA: 2 February 2001 (Los Angeles)

Belgium: 28 March 2001

USA: 18 May 2001 (New York City)

Box Office Figures:

According to Urban Cinefile 'Amy' earned a total of $423,982. Supporting information points to 'Amy' being a disappointment at the Australian box office. The film also failed to place on the AFC's Top 100 box office Australian films and, number 100 - Fatty Finn (1980) earned $1,064,000 locally, double 'Amy's' takings. 'Amy's'low box office was also below David Parker's expectations of the film; "its mediocre box-office performance here was really tough for us .... We really felt that we were on a winner with this film. So things like these prizes reinforce that -but things like the Australian release don't." (Parker interviewed by Shaw, The Age, Tuesday 25 May 1999 edition.) World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation's official 'Amy' site regards 'Amy's' box office performance internationally as a success according to their publicity quote; "following unprecedented success at theatres and festivals around the world". This was the only information found discussing overseas earnings.


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